Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Mental Health Awareness 2017

Im sure most of you by now know that from the 8th-14th May is Mental Health Awareness week. It is something that I believe is so important and shouldn't be a topic we are scared to talk about. I also... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why.

13 reasons why has had so many mixed reviews. For me, when I heard they were making in into a Netflix series, I was instantly intrigued. Having read the book, I wondered how the characters and scenes would be played... Continue Reading →

Taking Time To Love Myself Again.

As most of you know I came off of social media for a while but never really gave an explanation to anybody. Well heres why and Ill also share with you how I am slowly starting to love myself again.... Continue Reading →

Things I Have Learnt In The Past 5 Years

I decided to write a post about things I have learnt about life and myself in the past 5 years. I hope someone reads it and is able to get something positive from this post. 1.┬áIt's okay not to be... Continue Reading →

23rd Birthday

Well another year has started and that just means one thing really!! My BIRTHDAY! Keeping myself busy with work/driving lessons and various things the weeks went by so quickly that before I knew it my birthday was 3 days away.... Continue Reading →

Saying Goodbye To Another Year

In my previous post Ive written about my best moments from this year. To sum this year up I would probably say it's turned out just like previous years. But unlike all the other years I feel like this year... Continue Reading →

Best Moments Of 2016

I know i am a little early on remembering 2016 like I would normally do on NYE but I already know that from the week of Christmas until NY I will be too busy to write. 2016 for me and... Continue Reading →

Happy 6 Months Yates Family

October is the month that I have been working at Yates for 6 months. Yet it feels like a lifetime since I started. (not a bad thing as Im no longer classed as a newby haha.) I have come so... Continue Reading →

Collect Moments, Not Things.

Today is such a memorable day for me, its the day that I left my host family to finish the last part of my big adventure! Even though its been 1 year i can still remember it like it was... Continue Reading →

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