What Goes Up Must Come Down.

I’ve briefly said in previous posts about how extreme my mood swings can be but in this one I shall go into more detail. I cannot begin to explain to you how exhausting it is going through every single emotion, multiple times a day and without any warning most of the time. I’m not sad... Continue Reading →

Be Kind.

As some of you might or might not know it’s Mental Health Awareness week. I’ve always written something because it’s something so close to my heart but this year I found myself feeling somewhat bitter. Why does it just have to be one week of the year where we talk about it or reach out... Continue Reading →

Accepting & Healing From Trauma.

When I think of trauma I always imagine people with terrible terrible childhoods. Which is why I think I’ve never really acknowledged my trauma because it is nothing in comparison to what some people go through. I also fully believed when I was diagnosed with BPD and some state that ‘childhood traumas’ can be a... Continue Reading →

Things I Have Learnt In Lockdown

I’m really beginning to dislike the term lockdown because for the last few months this is heard absolutely everywhere. Before Covid-19 was was around, lockdown to me always seemed such a harsh term to use. I’m not too sure why to be honest. But anyways, since being in lockdown I have had more time to... Continue Reading →

Abandonment Anxiety

Abandonment anxiety; I didn’t actually know this was even a part of my anxiety until I saw a quote and thought ‘well shit if it ain’t me’. Sounds sad I know but oh so relevant to me and a huge part of my diagnosis. Remember in my previous post how I had mentioned attachment as... Continue Reading →

I Am Not My Depression, Anxiety or BPD.

Can I just start by saying that people who have mental illnesses aren’t all the same. You could have two people who suffer with depression yet experience it completely differently. I only really started to open up to a few people about what I was going through when it started to affect various aspects of... Continue Reading →

HELP! I’m In A Crisis.

Help. That word is usually quite difficult to say for those who have suffered in silence. I can remember the first time I asked for help. I mean, genuinely asked for help without being given an ultimatum. I was around 16/17 and I had been on and off self harming since I was 13. My... Continue Reading →

Understanding My Mental Illnesses

I guess over the years I had finally started to understand all the reasons why I have depression and anxiety. I don’t just mean by going to therapy, I mean I never understood that it was because of chemical imbalances in my brain. So just when I thought after 9 years I had really got... Continue Reading →


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